Osu! I am Kenji Midori, from Shinkyokushinkai. These videos will introduce the athletes representing Japan
at the 12th World Karate Championship. They are training hard and giving it their all
in preparation for the tournament. We would appreciate your kind support for them. Please come see them to show your support
at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza. Osu! I’m Sayaka Katou, from Aichi Yamamoto Dojo. This is my third time competing World Championship,
but this will also be my last chance. I’d like to become a world champion – And show my appreciation to my supporters
with my best possible performance. That is to become a world champion. Osu! Osu! I’m Daiki Katou, from Aichi Yamamoto Dojo. I have competed in the World Championship two times in the past
with the result that I was not really satisfied with. This third attempt will be my chance to avenge myself.
With appreciation to my supporters – I will win. Osu! Osu! I am Kensaku Yamamoto, from Aichi Yamamoto Dojo. We did Kumite training today,
in preparation for the World Championship for Daiki and Sayaka. For Daiki, the training was specifically
for the expected fight with the large foreign competitors. My teacher came all the way from West Tokai branch
and taught Kumite for Daiki. For Sayaka, she trained Kumite with various type of female players. I am sure that it was a great preparation for them. They are training very hard these days,
so they weren’t really in the best condition today. But we’ll adjust and focus on the World Championship. I believe that they can achieve their best result
– winning the championship. Your kind support will encourage them – To ensure Japan retains the men’s championship
and take the women’s throne. Please show them your fullest support. Osu!

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