Since childhood, there has been “martial arts dreams” butter fingers…sorry Hey, just eat a liangpi. Where are you going to eat? Nothing, nothing, naturally Where to eat?
Where to eat? Second floor Go, go to the second floor to eat Eat linagpi, eat a quicker meal I will see again, you buy first. What do you eat?
I all right, I have eaten, thank you! Do you want to shoot even this? no worry, I don’t have care about me. I might cut it off At noon, just eat a lingpi? This is fast, we have go up there later. I still don’t know what to call you Me? Guo Shuai Guo Shuai?
Correct This dudy is kick ass! Have an exam? Look at the situation, u could leave first Our program is not the early ,
OK. What time is it?the test
2 o’clock, go to class The teacher said,gonna take the test then When is the performance next week? Next Monday next Monday, next week 29th Evening or afternoon? At noon, it should be daytime, night will be no quit the game, fast The suit feels good. Havent you try suit yet? I don’t know how the program is arranged. I have received nothing. But Teacher Xu said, we will rehearse next time. It’s definitely too late this time. and it is not practical if u dont go to u class everyone go to class first (⊹^◡^)ノo゚.*こんにちわぁ~*.♡
(He can speak this Japanese!) Look, look, you see eee Senior, you see ? ? Don’t worry, don’t worry What about your nunchaku?

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