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hello everyone and welcome to Kung Fu
pets I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done
these videos but I am km okay still a lot even gotten universal dragging and
I’m whole really happy about that all mine got his knowing that you guys are
enjoying it makes me feel so much better I mean I still want it for myself and
I’m trying so something you said that you got it by
breeding the are karate dog with the many dragons so I
reading again and of course way there’s a space will
attach this guy in hatch in SS intact okay frankly a second hurdle was for a some promotion thing that was going on
before and I decided by him military don’t money state gots released well your names not david
we’re gonna call you a together Leonardo them Leone mad in that okay so Leonardo weird way to go
ahead and you cuz you’re text and ready okay why is it working in I okay and other so let’s put the ER karate job and many dragon and I keep
getting naked in a three tiered so aggravating oh my gosh I think I honestly think I have to level them up more okay you
when you now is a space that everyone ep are you guys still here go away
believe you sorry but the Dells okay wealthy and no bear no wall and the mean now %uh GE’s alright fine I’ll kill you level somebody
optional little bit more let’s see qeii I’m your the many Jager no not you stop it so I wanna from you guys
is there any other combinations that you guys have gotten for the universal draggin like that’s
not listed in the week even stuff that would really be I’m really like
trying to get this thing and i wanna know if certain combinations work for some
people and don’t work for others I don’t know well anyways I level up to
level 11 and case will be for nineteen years this
is ridiculous whatever and let’s look and see what else we have
to get I also want to be sometimes not going to comment on this video but I I
went to start doing at some point I am murdered I shop chappie shop be sure
people you all right let’s see this universal drag
in the dark by law and we have these guys okay so won’t do
we not have we don’t have the blaze tamarin we can
purchase a with the freedom so I’ve tried reading love fire with air
something like that see if we can get it say let’s see through by your and air my fire inside your hair it’s going to happen to you I think
that’s what I was trying to get what I Brett Daniels and Laurel Laurel together I am but this time I we just do predominately air they don’t think you
can repair it fired can you yeah I don’t think you can let me see make you can post that made you can all right let’s
see I like that they also have actually be unfair to you like at the bottom left hand corner you can
see that refutes and shows you there attack level and stuff like that
and what they have like what kinda lose they haven’t felt I really don’t
know that has to do with breeding and my thing is if it didn’t have
anything to do with reading why would they put it there review that
CAIR no oh he’s let’s start and that we are
going to get wat I can’t say everything it’s over 12
hours I think key figure 12 hour things into
the dark saber tooth but whatever who cares alright guys know why
did he do that I hate that they have that you think that would be a hero
update like things your way too easy to move you
can’t scroll without moving something alright well all yeah whatever okay so I don’t pick somebody here k ok and I
keep forgetting to do that now little thing to do okay for all I have now gotten through
Britain either that is terrible new necklace engines on you because
you’re not that great are is so frustrating so does tell me what did you use to get universal dragon
in the comments below just tell me what combinations used to get the
universal dragging because I one in now gonna grab it from your or games do tell
me you reboot okay so I had to call the bear to you I
haven’t read everything dies because the honest I’ve been really suck dude style meetings what’s wrong with it grew is there areas with you two fingers on
is really annoying like I I don’t know why it’s like so easy to
move things around right now to see what you have you to be late the evil you do that
Harris pop-up please just stop that why they put that
there in the meantime I’ll be making space on
my country pets but thompson’s were here and i cant
level up my turn all the way I wanna put him in a battle a million tell you for now he’s probably going to
it I’m using jeri lee did okay interest so I’m losing with my highest trained babies liar you’re taking this know when is
your take away lighting level 1 level 11 11 okay let’s try what’s it say
okay on Halsey now we have you and we have the rays manager earl betterment water okay so leonardo’s they go away and remember
this is I liked it put them in a dude with your b-day stood
out like to put my creature then at like level one for the trading just
to see how well the fight without any training that makes me
establish like if their dreams wait it out alright sale let’s use about I was really looking to
use here like okay I’ll see zapping strike still shacks semana shift me if we are in a range over here she comes the here she comes
watcher now issue eat you up alright that’s why
that’s fine bring it on let’s see let’s do the Lakers the leaving right
battles are you like them the leader %uh this entire island she
like the one who stepped every straight but do her deadly fans it happens I she’s pretty good you fail to happens are you having a hard time there’s
violent fiske wanna take you kids that I’m talking about family
that’s my girl high five oh yeah while from okay we while what okay with work from oh no I I misunderstood earlier 30 I
misunderstood knows a really no 0 on me here hidden the whole lord knows I love this is not a happy
new year talk about what went wrong all welcome said call what all-white your okay that fact i sorry I completely
misunderstood I thought there was no monsters whatever oh well we would have won that fight which the
train them are anyway that’s it for now guys I hope you
like this video and I’ll see you in the next one okay
that was weird to see them 26 passed out a while ago it together I gotta go together anyways I’ll see you guys there don’t forget the
combination for the universal dragging of course and I see if I get very and I

41 thoughts on “► Hatching Assassin Turtle || Kung Fu Pets

  1. Hey jaylew i told u this on ur last video but ill tell u again mix the greedy dragon with firefrost unicorn to get universe i got it on thr first try normal alter
    Magma bear+Torch chicken=greedy dragon
    Sorry if it sound like im being mean at the beginning of this comment. Have best of luck getting universe

  2. @IamJaylew To get the universe dragon u can summon the

    Karate Dog n Whirlwind Hawk

    Karate Dog n Cheerleader Canary

    Mini-me dragon n snowflake myna

    Fruit Boar
    Tundra Reindeer n iceberg rhino

    Rose fox n Iceberg Rhino

    Earth Buffalo n tundra Reindeer
    p.s before summoning any pets make sure they are in the same level and on any video u make please tell what pets u dont have and i love u and ur videos

  3. Jaylew! I got the flower frizzard by breeding the Wild Wolf and the Electric Lion.i was trying to get the Laser Chameleon.

  4. Jay first feel better fast, I just got over a cold myself. Second you have got to learn the element advantages! you could have won the arena if you had used Zaley's plant attack against the buffalo. Anyway here are some tips: Earth is weak against Air and Plant. Ice is weak against Fire and Dark. Electric is weak against Ice and Earth. Water is weak against Electric and Plant. Plant is weak against Fire and Ice. Air is weak against Water and Dark. Dark is weak against Electric and Air. Fire is weak against Water and Earth. Hope this helps! For Universe dragon as I said before the Karate Dog and Spring Butterfly finally did it for me! Do you have the Butterfly yet?

  5. But I know how to breed the Fruit boar breed the Earth Buffalo + Leaf Deer = Fruit [ pig or boar ] good lucky breeding them

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