ซอฟรีวิว: เกมต่อยมวยจริง ชิงออกหมัดด้วยตัวเอง!?【 Takara Tomy Boxing game 】

Hey! Hey! Hey! It follows my hands. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Whoa! Hello! Welcome everyone to Softpomz Channel! – Whoo!
– Yay! Woo hoo! The reason why everybody’s so energetic in this video… is because of the thing I’ll review today. It’s really what we all want right now. Which is we want to punch each others. Everyone looks like we’re having some repressed feeling. You might be confused what’s the thing
that allows us to punch each other? I’d like to present… Ta-da! Here it is. This is a boxing game from Takara Tomy! Most of you guys might have seen
the boxing games before. Am I right? So you might be wondering how different is this one
to those ones you’ve seen. This is Soft we’re talking about, of course, I’ll always bring the special things. Because this boxing game’s feature is… the doll will only punch when we punch. Well, you might be confuse what does this mean. If you’re ready to find out, let’s open it. Alright, so now, we got… our fighters. Next, we have to put in the battery. Here they are. Come on. Are you ready? First of all, this game… has two modes which are single player, and two player. It’s good for arms exercise. But if no one plays with you, you can play in the single player mode. I’ll show you. Can you see number one and two? I’ll switch to number one like this. Hey! It follows our hands, right? Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Whoa! Whoa! Did you see that? So… This is the best feature of this game. We can control the fighters to punch and duck.. by our body and hands movement. Just like in the movie, Real Steel. Just like that but this is real. Alright, round 2! Hey! This side. Hey! Is it following me? Argh! Why don’t you fall? Yeah! That’s right. And this is the boxing each other game. boxing each other game? There’s no good ways to put it, but I didn’t mean it. So in this video, I’d like to invite the staff… to participate in the boxing championship. Come on. Let’s start with the pairing up. I’d like to invite Team, Q, and Sharp. Woo! Before we start, you guys might be confused… how is this toy works. So there are two sensors here on the side… which will pick up our movements… which will control the boxers. Let’s do Ones-and-twos to find our pairs. Ones-and-twos! You’re out. Ones-and-twos! So I’m against Team. Alright, Team! Bring it on! Do the Rock Paper Scissors
to find who are your partner. Rock Paper Scissors! Let’s give it up to Sharp and Q! (Sharp VS Sharp) Oh! Sharp, why are you so aggressive? My player didn’t punch at all. Why didn’t your player punch? What happened? – He did.
– Yes, he did. Yes, He did fell out of the rings. Alright. (Sharp: 0 VS Sharp: 1) Argh! I win! I don’t think we need to duck, just punch as fast as you can. – Right.
– You’ll surely win. (Sharp: 1 VS Sharp: 1) – What?
– What? And the winner is Sharp! – Yeah!
– Yay! (Soft VS Team) Whose voice is that? Yay! Why didn’t it punch when I punched? Who talked down on me a moment ago? Who said I sucked or something? Can I try it first? (Soft:1 VS Team: 0) Team! What are you doing? Cheater! He didn’t punch! What was that? It’s Karate! The neck hitting. This is boxing. Were you playing with Eddy? (Soft:1 VS Team: 1) – Now, we do this?
– Alright, fine. When I laughed, I can’t do this, you know? So Team is the winner of this round. Yay! Alright, for the final round, it will be a match between Team and Sharp! Come on, Sharp! (Sharp VS Team) How can you be this lazy? Cheater! You’re a cheater, but that was genius. (Sharp: 1 VS Team: 0) How could I lose? How could I lose? Whoa! I’m exhausted. (Sharp: 1 VS Team: 1) Whoa! And the winner is Team! Yay! Alright, and this is the boxing game. This is much more fun than the one you play like this. But don’t you cheat like this. ‘Cause that wouldn’t be different
from the one you play with buttons. Yeah! Right! I think it’s such a great gimmick
that you can exercise like this. If you’re interested, you can search
for more information on Google. It’s a toy from Takara Tomy, Japan. Anyway, if you like this review, don’t forget to like and share this video for us. We have to go for now. See you again next video – Goodbye for to day!
– Good bye! Bye! Muah! – Let’s play one more round.
– All of us should play. – One in each side.
– I’m at the right, right? What? Soft, you just called him a cheater. – Whoa!
– Whoa! Cheater! Fine. Rapper way! Yo! Whoo!

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