सीहोर : कुश्ती का मिनी पंजाब  ( Sehore  called Mini Punjab of Kushti India)

Namskar Friends My Name is Deepa Asuia And, You are watching My Desi Kushti Channel, Ansuia1974 to reach Sehore, I started my Journey from Village in Uttrakhand, to Delhi and Then, Firojabad, Agra, then, Bhopal. Gwalior Chindwarda, and we reached sehore through this route When I reached , my friend, Ajay Bisoriya, came to welcome me at the Railway Station I felt very happy greeting him , we met after a very long time it was great to see him Friends, The Dangal Place , Mehatwada, is apx 100 kms from seghore i guess we headed towards our destination on motorbikes from Sehore to Mehatwada we were on four bikes, and tripple riding, i mean three persons on a bike on the highway and this is quite normal , here for wrestlers for me it was rather difficult , riding around 100kms , while my bags with me any how , we reached on time, thanks to the bikers it was evening time at Mehatwada when we reached there, the son was almost setting in the competition preparation were on full swing and there we we met Rishi Patel harpal patel and other members of Dangal committee, we , had a talk with these great persons, specially with Rishi Sonkar see it We started this Dangal 3 years ago this is our 4th edition we Organise 2 Dangals every year one in Jawar one in jawar and one in Mehtawara The whole village bears the expenses of the Dangal I have freinds too we have our Govind Jane Samiti, i have members and friends, in that The help me too Pritam, Rajender Panwar, and many others, I mean people from whole vilalge too with whose help the comeptition is organised that is how we collect money for prize and other arrangments Uttar Pardesh firojabad, and from Banaras Narsing pur Himachal Pardesh, Arjun Pahalwan, Ayush pahalwan from Indore and form Ujjain ,seoni , karhana, mewat, I mean wrestlers are coming from all over India It is very hot , still 42 degrees, wrestlers feel exausted so start dangal late in night, it is around 8.30pm and we feel cooler there are all possible arrangments including Juice of Sugarcane for wrestlers water, the mud akahda is good, sitting arrangments for chief guests, mike etc. wrestlers who have come from neighbouring state, like UP , HImachal form them we have different arragnments food and bed to rest in the night so that they can take rest , and leave later How many will watch this event ? Around, 3000 people will come and watch that means people are very fond of wrestling here yeah, there are wrestler in almost every house there are around 5000 voters, and the total population is around 10000 so many will come and see and will get entertainment through kushti matches and Rishi sonkar ji, Rishi patel, Sorry , Rishi Patel, LOL Thre is wrestling Akhada here, they also help there is a wrestling gym here yes they also attched to the dangal ? and the the whole vilalge too and the whole area around comes and watch with the cooperation from all events like this are success Thanks, we were talking to Rishi SoPatel nkar ji who is the head of the committe and main organisor , along with his brother Harpal Patel It will come live on you my youtube channel Thanks Man! Friends, there is a great ancient temple of King Vikrmaditya’s time at Sehore beleif is that it vaquishes the problems people are facing and grant wishes the different about the temple is it is really a beutiful temple and also and at the outside walls of the temple , people draw reverse Swastika and ask for a wish and when the wish is granted they erase the reverse Swastika draw a right mark of Swastika I have made a video of the walls depectiing the old tradition People has strong beleif about this, those who gets their wish granted , come here and do puja and hawan this is really a great temple i had a talk with the incharve of the temple here are a few excerpts from the talk watch what he says the temple is around 2000 years old Chintamani temple There are fiur sacred selfmade ( autogensis ) lingam ( Shiva form) in India

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