Хабиб vs Флойд | БОКС / Khabib vs Floyd | Boxing (MMA)

oh god how slow you are Hi, no, you don’t distract, no, I’m not busy with anything now , what am I doing? I make easy money. Father, may I be a wrestler No, this is boxing and not a fight Try harry him, be in defense until he gets tired. OK work work in such a pace soon you’ll get tired 10 rounds passed father he doesn’t get tired I’m shocked myself Father, may I still use the wrestling but if you fight, you will be disqualified! Although it is better than to lose what’s happening referee stop stop now we will fight by my rules No, I did not agree to fight in Octagon Attention ladies and gentlemen, according to the rules of boxing won by Floyd Mayweather And according to the rules of mixed martial arts won – Habib Nurmagomedov subscribe to the channel and put like

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