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Hi there! My name is Stas, and we are Kung Fu Project. Today we are going to perform an articular workout. A basic articular workout consists of rotations, there are no power or mobility exercises. You may replace any exercise with an identical one. But it is important to mind the sequence. This is a basic workout, which could easily be performed on your own. It is not difficult at all. We advise to perform it prior to any activity, especially a hard physical one. You can add any exercise you want. But be careful: it’s important to combine them in the right way, as this will significantly boost the effectiveness of the workout. Try to perform the rotations as thoroughly as possible, with the biggest radius. We do 20 repetitions for each rotation. You are well advised to perform introductory breathing exercises, abdomen massage and “Opening the Gates” exercise prior to this workout. You should also perform a breathing exercise at the end of the workout. Tutorial videos for all of these exercises can be found on our channel. Let’s get started. Put your legs together, your hands behind your back. Rotate your head to the left. To the right. Put your legs at shoulder length, your feet parallel to each other. Press your palms tightly against each other, and rotate them forward. Backward. Bend your left hand in the elbow and rotate forward. Now your right hand. Now in turns, two times with your left hand, two times with your right hand. Rotate your arms forward. Backward. Rotate your shoulders forward. Backward. Strike your arms sideways twice. Put your arms akimbo, toes out. Rotate your lower back. To the other side. Rotate your left foot. Keep your arms akimbo. To the other side. Now the other foot. To the other side. Put your legs a little wider than at shoulder length, and rotate your knees inward. Outward. Place your arms akimbo. Rotate your left hip outward. Inward. Now your right hip outward. Inward. That’s it. Our simple and short workout is done. Bear in mind: doing this workout at least once a day will significantly boost your well-being. My name is Stas. Subscribe to our channel and keep improving with Kung Fu Project!

8 thoughts on “Суставная разминка – Kung Fu Project

  1. Скажите, пожалуйста, я могу выполнять такую разминку (с предварительной подготовкой в виде Дыхания, Массажа желудка и Раскрывания ворот) с утра в качестве утренней зарядки? То есть без последующих тренировок. И еще вопрос – Дыхание имеется в виду длинное дыхание (нашла на Вашем канале)?

  2. Все видео очень познавательны и полезны, выполняю все с большим удовольствием, Спасибо!

  3. Спасобо Стас! Начал делать зарядку каждый день.

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