Are you woken up? Do you here what we’re saying? Wash your mouth Now jump and start breathing Good morning, do you understand where are you? Your opponent is coming, you’re going to fight him He’s coming. Do you see him? It’s alright then. Listen to the judge, here he is. The guy is shoked, so he got instructed He used to do karate, I don’t know anything else about him. Good luck. Thank you This guy looks like a surfer He told us he’s been defying gravity for two years To the center It’s Strelka. No time limit, no judge’s decisipn, it all depends on you. Shake hands and to the corners Fighters ready? I gotta say it wasn’t technical but it was emotional Sincerely and intelligently And we have a winner Go tell us what are you feeling A shocked man and a surfer Let’s start with you. It was hard for you. Tell us why you’re here and did you get what you wanted I came here to prove myself You did You came here, didn’t got scared You fought till the end These applause are for you Now tell us what you’re feeling It was very fast I want to say sorry to my grandpa, I promised him to win But I couldn’t Everyone who comes here is a winner You overcame your fear And came on the ring to prove yourself I’ve gained two things out of this fight I have to train more and protect my jaw – Is your jaw good now? – Yeah You should listen to granpa’s advice Now the word goes to your opponent You were kicking and saying sorry for that I thought I got him in the back of his head So I said sorry We’re not animals here Everything’s cool. I got new emotions. I’ve never fought by MMA rules. Used to wrestle in school. It’s cool. I liked it. We liked your fight and your respect to each other Thank you Come back again

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