Hi guys. The start of our YouTube channel. Today we shoot our
workout on the street for you. We are located in Slovakia
in the city of Bratislava. Outside about seven degrees. The weather does not stop us,
despite the fact that it is cold. Nothing stops us. You asked you how
to learn to box. if there is no boxing gym near you? If you do not have a coach. You were interested in lessons,
tips, recommendations. Today I will try to tell you
something important, fundamental. Something that will help
you progress in your sport. I really hope that it will
be interesting to you. Do not turn off. Watch to the end! I chose a yoga workout for myself
because it helps me focus on my work helps me tune in
mentally to the next load. And also prepare my muscles,
joints and ligaments. Yoga is not only
a universal tool to warm up,
but can also support your the body is in good condition. Learn new and new. Expand your knowledge
and be universal athlete. First of all, your footwork. Your movement on your feet. If you want to progress,
then work out as much as possible more movement. Move so that there is a
distance between your legs. If there is a distance between the
legs, then you will steady. Guys,
accelerate your body gradually. Smoothly start your workout
and smoothly raise your work pace. All your exercises should go gradually. Think it over in advance. If you want to have a good
workout, then consider the work of your heart. And your nervous system. And do some good workouts. On this playground as with many others,
you can find a line that help you in
controlling your legs. This line will be
your coordination stair. where you can play your on their feet and control
their work with different angels. You can diversify your
usual work with shadow some interesting movements. Find this line and try. We will show you
an example of work! Guys it’s central line will help you to control
your movements without a coach and the distance between the legs.
If you stand on one lines,
then it will turn out surfing. It will not be the same
box in which you will feel yourself steadily. From this line you can make the
steps aside, after this attack your
opponent, you can also make a quick exit,
after you can leave in steps to the other side,
after doing the attack again. That is, you can play with
this line as you like, leaving the distance between
the legs and leaving your center line under control. If an opponent takes the
center line from you, then you will become
an easy bait for him. The control! Also, if we are talking
about legs moving how can we not deal with
the issue of sustainability yet nearer. One of my favorite interesting
exercises for your work stabilizers,
which does not require any simulators. So also such a moment .. And still such a moment,
guys, no matter on which level you are,
but sometimes returning to basic moments can help you
take a step forward. I recommend this work
for you: you will stand in a fighting stance with your
hands down and you will try to strike only at the
expense of his body. Learn to feel your body. Try combining work with
and without hands now. Remember that you
hand is only a tool. Beat by combining the
legs, pelvis, and shoulder. This is a reference to the old
school, which will also help. to you in your progress. You should feel your body as a single system, the correct operation of which will help you boxing correctly. All power comes from your body. And only then do you turn on your hand. Well, and we will froze today’s
training with the final powerful round with a shadow. Let’s make a good quality boxing. We will work from different angles and try to beat in different ways. Be an difficult and uncomfortable
opponent for your opponent. Constantly change your direction Move and hit always
at different levels. Try to be unpredictable
and interesting. Be stronger and
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  1. Спасибо за такую полезную информацию! Очень познавательное видео, было интересно смотреть, необыденно. Удачи в развитии своего канала!

  2. Ну, человек знает о чем говорит…
    Паша, как всегда красавчик. Однозначно, ставлю лайк)
    В инсте поперло и на ютубе попрет, уверяю…
    Твой ученик, Алексей…)

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