Кадриорг КунгФу – Ключи к управлению

Dear friends, please note that the elbow is
the KEY to the control of the body! if he wants me to learn about him he needs to give away his KEY and this KEY is his elbow I’m trying to understand him and I’m doing it by opening and closing him
whit his own KEY we need squat down slightly this way we get rooted plus, if he is an experienced key-master he knows that he needs to turn his wrist toward me this wrist is a MIRROR with what he reflects my being in this moment of time [the NOW] then he takes his other hand and cleans off my control Then he takes control of my KEY and if he tries to attack my head
or face my MIRROR reflects it this should be a very conscious process if I want him to know me, learn me I need and I will give him the KEY myself and then take them (KEY’s) back and I’ll show him his reflection so he can see in which state he tried to learn me and I’ll look at my reflection so that i can see if I have fears, worries, or anxieties and I show him, if he has a greed, envy, or pride in the moment when I’m taking away his control if he feels that, then he can just take the control back
turn me over and to explore this side of me so you see, by giving away our KEYs we start to better understand ourselves and each other and by seeing our being in the MIRROR it becomes brighter and clearer because if you are not giving away your KEY nobody will get to know you, even you here he takes the KEY and starts experimenting he can close me, push me, pull me I understand, if I close myself with my oun KEY I feel uncomfortable it’s not correct – to close yourself So, what I’m doing next I’m opening myself with my own KEY

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