There are a few people who are synonymous with the 80s. It was a prosperity time of full-contact kickboxing and mustaches, an era of action movies with actors who knew what they’re doing on the screen. Dennis Alexio was about those things How tough was Dennis Alexio? The most certain answer is waiting for us in 1986 when The Terminator met the guy named Lowell Nash. From the first seconds, Dennis demonstrates a nonstop action, he cornered Nash at the ropes and bombed him with hooks and uppercuts. It may seem that Lowell’s responses are effortless until the right hook takes Alexio down! Dennis is stunned, but this is exactly a situation when it becomes clear how tough you are. Now Alexio is the one who’s trying to survive near the ropes. He even tried to go dirty and punch instead of touching the gloves but fell. Look, Nash can’t catch his breath, it wasn’t an easy deal to survive that barrage of punches. Plus, he lost the round even with a knockdown since he didn’t land the minimum number of kicks (yes, there was such a rule, and if you failed to land 8 kicks during the round, you lose the point). The Terminator started the next round with a twinkle trying to make it obvious that the knockdown was just an accident. Uppercuts and spinning shit lands right to Nash’s head. Left hook knocked out Lowell’s mouthpiece, he is tired and barely stands. It is a championship work. Nash proves that he got a fight with a star for a reason. He gets up, but The Terminator has already detected him with his infrared eye. Ushiro Geri right from the hell and a tough right straight knocked him out. It takes two to tango, and Lowell Nash let Dennis Alexio prove himself. The Terminator stood up after a serious knockdown and returned even stronger showing us a great fight. However, Dennis Alexio started his way long ago. Despite popular belief, he didn’t have a boxing background, he started training in Kajukenbo and Tang Soo Do as a kid. Just a few people know his real last name, Dick, and some of them assume that that is the real reason why he started to fight as a kid in the first place. Dennis was trouble, he even injured the eye of some kid during the school fight. After he tried himself in the kickboxing, he realized how easy boxing goes for him. As a result, he became one of the greatest boxers in American history, especially on a short distance. He spilled the first blood in the ring in 1980, during the next four years he set an impressive record – 16 wins, all finishes. However, he felt himself a real star only in 1984 after he met the legendary Don “The Dragon” Wilson on a national TV. We all know Wilson as an actor, however, in those years, he was the Dragon from the kickboxing world: smart, practical, dangerous champion. Alexio was the underdog, with no chance to win. One week before a fight, Wilson almost pulled himself out from the fight because of the flu, but changed his mind and took the fight. From the first seconds, Alexio is showing us his future trademark style. He shortens the distance with a long right overhand, then he strikes with powerful middle kicks, but his main goal is to come as close as possible and attack with hooks and uppercuts. Wilson responses with quick and accurate leg kicks, including good low kicks. A commentator mentioned that Don trained in Amsterdam before this fight. Usually, no one points out how he fights on a short distance, his tough punches in clinch might be not so spectacular as Alexio’s were, but they definitely were as dangerous. Alexio was dangerous on a middle and short distance, and only Don’s low kick could restrain him. Don’s elbows are in the right position, he sees almost everything, counterattacks sometimes, but even he can’t resist the pressure forever. Check out this moment. Great liver shot, simple kicks to provoke an attack, ending with right hook. An accurate high kick to the head. Alexio responses with right overhand Again, a hook from Don, but this time Alexio responses with a spinning kick. Low kicks still reach the goal, though Dennis keeps fighting back at the ropes. A low kick again, wow, a low kick in the clinch, that is very Ernesto Hoost and Anderson Silva. Alexio amazes with his stamina, he keeps striking and doesn’t even think to give up. Don’t forget that he had to lose some weight before the fight. The Dragon decides to show everything he is capable of, but does he look like an obvious winner? I don’t think so. A powerful Ushiro Geri to the body. Don gets a warning because of the low kick. I don’t understand why, but I can assume that it was illegal to kick to the knee or lower. Wilson is tired of trying to keep this big flurry. By the fifth round, Dennis Alexio significantly loses the attitude. A backfist in response to Wilson’s low kick. It is another trademark move we’ll see a lot A left hook, clinch again, it is Alexio’s territory. Wilson is breathing hard, but still, he showed himself good in this round, he wastes his energy smarter than his opponent. The sixth round, Dennis’s hip was hit again, but he responses with a good uppercut immediately. Don gracefully moves away from the ropes, however, The Terminator caught up with him. Don “The Dragon” Wilson grabs the balls and goes for Alexio’s legs. He also could brawl with him which really shattered challenger’s confidence. A great round for Don. Wilson is not afraid to fight Alexio on a short distance, although it is a risky idea. Both of them landed punches. The Terminator continuous to attack, but Wilson blocks well. The tenths round, Wilson still stands on own feet, though Alexio said that the only appropriate way for him to win is to knock the opponent out. Anyway, he should stick to his tactics, it works, though Wilson succeeds sometimes in counterattacks. Nevertheless, everything’s got its price, and by eleventh round, Alexio is exhausted, and Don wins the round. The final round! Despite the weariness, both of the fighters are impressively active, although The Terminator misses again and again. The Dragon is shaken by the backfist but he withstands and asks if it is all that he has. Wilson definitely wins the end of the fight, however, that doesn’t mean much. During the fight, Alexio was far more active and aggressive. Both fighters showed everything they’ve got, so it’s time to hear results. A unanimous decision in favor of Wilson stuns with an outvote. Such a difference in points is also caused by the fact that Dennis didn’t follow the kick minimum rule, which was pointed out by commentators in the middle of the fight. Alexio is used to knock out his opponents, so usually, he doesn’t bother himself to count. That didn’t work out with Don, so he lost the point for every round where he landed less than 8 leg kicks. Don “The Dragon” Wilson wins the fight. Of course, Dennis called it a “hometown decision” in Don’s favor, but come on, he had 16 fights by the same rules but ignored them during this fight. Nevertheless, there was no obvious advantage. I strongly recommend to watch the whole thing and draw own conclusions about the winner of this mega fight After such a bloodbath, Dennis Alexio became even stronger and tougher. Six months later, he met Rob Salazar. Look at him, he became more focused and disciplined. Great kicks from the long distance, a usual brawl at the ropes. A great accuracy, terrific head moving, he definitely reached another level. The backfist knocks Salazar down. I suppose if we’re talking about American kickboxing, it is Alexio who made a lethal weapon out of backfist. It seems that Alexio never breaks a sweat while Salazar got all the strikes. A killer Yoko Geri, and again, a spinning backfist! The Terminator does whatever he wants. It looks like Dennis is having fun, and he respects the opponent for his endurance because he’s finally got a chance to show everything he’s capable of. Salazar got through the fight with courage, so the result depends on scorecards. An indisputable and undisputed victory of Dennis Alexio, who by that time became a PKA World Light Heavyweight Champion. His next target was Bernard Clark. This combination is a must-have for old school full-contact kickboxing, right middle kick and right straight. Rick Rufus was especially good at this. Clark was shaken with an uppercut, so the referee counts to eight. Dennis is chasing his victim, he lands spectacular kicks, shortens the distance with a right cross as he did in the fight with the Dragon. A must-have combination again, that can’t be good. Bernard survives a brawl near the ropes, and I’m surprised he’s still on his feet. An accurate high kick ends this fight. A great referee work who saved Clark from a knockout. This is how The Terminator worked in the mid-’80s. By the year 1987, Alexio dominated the professional karate. Yes, this sport was called professional karate in the USA, guys were representing Japanese and Korean fighting styles who fought wearing gi and belts, who bowed in the ring. Even promotion was called the Professional Karate Association. The next Alexio’s opponent is Mike Winklejohn, the future coach of Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, Cowboy Cerrone, and other MMA stars. But back then, he was just another guy with pretty mediocre boxing skills. He starts aggressively but indiscriminately, Dennis sees his every move, and he pummeling him with tough uppercuts during dirty boxing. However, Winklejohn isn’t gutless, so he constantly moves forward, pushing The Terminator back. And again, a powerful Ushiro Geri from the champion. By the way, it was not a title fight. Backfist knocks Mike down! Dennis is going to finish the fight, his dirty boxing is spectacular, that’s the thing about mustaches of death. Mike doesn’t give up and fights back, even though he doesn’t block some amazing attacks. Alexio again shows a great range of skills, even this front leg fencing, which was common in full-contact, although I personally hate it. A killer spinning kick to the body, another backfist knocks Mike down, excellent! Who else uses this technique that well? Only Shlemenko comes to mind. Even Winklejohn wasn’t up to Dennis’s level, he got through, fighting back to the last second. He even landed a great spinning kick to the head at the end of the last round. The Terminator wins on a strong note by decision. Also in the same year, he met Larry McFadden, who faced some harassment near the ropes Dennis was even more aggressive than usual. Spinning kicks to the body are still amazing, Dennis throws them every time he reaches the necessary distance, and the only thing his opponent has in mind is to keep his hands up and protect the head. In this way, Dennis makes his opponents gasp, and after that, he easily finishes them with uppercuts on the short distance. Look at this! He’s working like a hammer! Alexio was a great body puncher, and this thing made him special in kickboxing in those years. Another bomb, Larry is knocked down, and the referee starts the countdown, even though it seems that Larry fell because of balance loss. Only a few expected that Larry McFadden would be such a tough guy with good defense. Larry is knocked down again, and again, the referee starts another “countdown”. Even though Alexio works quite diverse, he can’t make the opponent to put the guard down, low kicks would be a great help here, but they are illegal by local rules, they were allowed by WKA rules only in the fight with The Dragon. A real middle kicks gunfight, it looks like something out of Bloodsport. Hah! Who said that Van Damme’s fights are unrealistic? Finally, after 12 rounds of a grueling fight, McFadden can take a deep breath and check out his ribs. It is quite impressive that Dennis didn’t stop once during the fight. During the fight with Jeff Hollins, it was obvious that Alexio had already got some style – bold enters, funny pants, hairstyle, and badass attitude. Jeff tried to copy Muhammad Ali a little bit. But, there is only one Ali, so Jeff was cornered and beaten up with hooks and uppercuts. The fight is going as usual: The Terminator chases the opponent all over the ring and mocks him as he wants. And again those bombs to the body, Jeff Hollins is knocked down. Is it all? Boom, karate kid kick from Hollins, he starts to attack! Tobi Mae Geri, jumping front kick, long before Machida vs Couture fight. Jeff is trying to put some pressure, but that’s not enough to smash The Terminator. Dennis recovers fast and keeps crashing Hollin’s ribs. The second knockdown. Turns out that Hollins is quite a gangster, he gets up despite the horrible pain. Alexio makes him think only about his body meanwhile targeting the opponent’s head. The third knockdown. Alexio keeps a tight rein on the last round as well as on a whole fight. Again, he worked with full force during all 12 rounds. Fans began to wonder when there will be a worthy opponent for the champion? In 1998 Dennis Alexio took his place among Heavyweight division, even though his height is 5,9, and he never has been heavier than 220 lbs. Especially it was noticeable in the fight with Jeff Buck, who was really tall. Jeff Buck looks extremely clumsy and sloppy, his only achievement so far was a decent fight with Brad Hefton, a kickboxing legend. Backfist has already landed Buck’s head, which means that his knockdown is just a matter of time. Amazing Ushiro Geri knocks the moosey down! Everybody knows about that move, everybody expects it, everybody misses it. The big guy is up, however, David keeps going on Goliath with a vengeance. Right uppercut, left kick to the body, and Jeff Buck is knocked out. Finally, a worthy opponent came into the picture, Brad Hefton. You may not know who this Hefton guy is. In short, he is a stunning KO artist, and the main thing – he is a natural heavyweight fighter. It was a dream fight for fans, but no one knew if the guys would be able to make an arrangement. In 1988 Dennis Alexio conquered Madison Square Garden in New York during the fight with Maurice Tornisi. Maurice turned out to be a big walking target collecting all the blows from the champ. This fight supposed to be between two heavyweights, however, Tornisi doesn’t look like the one flying in the ring like a rag. Dennis would like to catch up with a new Magnum P. I. episode so he decides to finish this with tough liver shots. Maurice decides he could live without the liver and gets up. Two tough body shots, great work, incredible knockout, no one in American kickboxing had ever worked in the same way with body shots. The Terminator cheers us up again with his funny pants, as one of the commentators notes, he must be pretty confident about himself if he dares to put on such underdrawers. Dannis was invited to star in Kickboxer movie in 1989, he was offered one of the leads and became a co-star with Jean-Claude van Damme. It became a cult film and introduced a Muay Thai and Dennis Alexio to soviet folks, although most of them thought that Van Damme was a real fighter, and Alexio was a plain stunt double. I hope they’ll reconsider this fact, and that will make them stop sending me a fake Wikipedia article with Jean-Claude’s fictional record in kickboxing. And now we’ll see one of the best Alexio’s fights, in my humble opinion. Alexio faced Canadian taekwondo practicioner Darrell Henegan. He became the first foreigner to beat the Koreans in a major Championship Gold Medal match. And I want to remind you that at that time, in the 80s, taekwondo was tough, with wild speed and brutality worthy of Kyokushin. Look how big the guy is, what a fast kicks, nothing compared to the previous huskies. Dennis decided to spend some time in the clinch, and it was an unpleasant surprise for him to find himself being beaten up. Fast and tough kicks on the distance don’t let Alexio take the lead, and he can do nothing to this machine in the clinch. Dennis does everything as usual, but nothing works out, so it’s time for a plan B. Again, a one-two barely touches mustaches of death, left hook, Dennis is confused. Finally, he fights back with a left hook, and then there is a little exchange with a Canadian fighter. Turns out that after 4 active rounds Henegan is exhausted. Champ starts to bomb him with punches and strikes, this backfist works like a charm. Vicious right cross, the champ is merciless, Darrell is barely standing the ground but mostly because of tiredness. Darrell Henegan takes some real bombs, the heart of a lion, but the referee stops the fight. This way, Canadian fighter learned that there’s nothing you can do on such a professional level without serious stamina. Dennis learned the same thing in his days with The Dragon. Look, young “Stitch” Duran is on his team, the legendary cutman. Alexio is proud of his victory, and well, he deserved it. However, one of the questions ruined it a little for him. Yes, Dennis was getting pretty annoyed each time someone mentioned Stan The Man, who was getting popular at that moment. In addition to that, Alexio was complaining about low kicks, which became illegal seconds before the fight, although he’d prefer to fight using them. Obviously, he knew that the low kick would rule the kickboxing in the 90s. In 1991 Alexio fought Jerry Rhome, the guy who knocked out Brad Hefton himself, unbelievable. It was a traditional Gyaku Tsuki with the straight back and Kiai. Yes, Rhom was also a karate fighter, but he was good in 1986 and by 1991 he lost it a bit. The Terminator does the usual stuff: middle kicks, Ushiro Geris vicious right straights, killing the guy near the ropes. Jerry Rhome proved again that it is time for Dennis to travel the world and search for a worthy opponent as Benny Urquidez, Rick Roufus, or The Dragon did. Dennis called Wilson’s victory a “hometown decision”, but he himself wasn’t in a big hurry to fight somewhere besides own hometown. A cannon spinning kick to the body! Alexio throws kicks and ends with a high kick. It is a miracle Jerry stays on his feet and he is saved by the gong. It is obvious he is knocked out, but the referee doesn’t stop the fight. The referee finally remembered what’s his job is here, and the fight is stopped. Unfortunately, we never got to see a fight with Brad Hefton, they couldn’t make it, and maybe, it’s for the best. Hefton began his career in the 70s, and he wasn’t that good by 1991. By the way, in 1992 young and yet unknown Vitali Klitschko took advantage of that. He took Hefton’s title away, broke his hand, and Brad retired after that. In 1992 Alexio finally found a worthy opponent, Branko Cikatić He made it to LA to deal with The Terminator on his territory. It was a mega fight, Branko was one of the strongest heavyweights in the world and he was a natural heavyweight. Rules are more suitable for Cikatić, low kicks and knees are allowed, but can’t be used in Thai clinch. From the first seconds, The Terminator made it clear that he has no reverse gear. So he does things as usual: throws, as usual, eats Branko’s attacks, feels himself like he owns the ring. Branko gets his first warning for the knee in the clinch. Looking at the guy who is 5,9 and who throws himself in the fight with such an enormous guy, you feel nothing but respect. Meantime, Cikatić was docked a point for kneeing Alexio in the clinch, the referee is pretty harsh. The fight is really tough, Branko staggers back. Dennis’s footpad came off. Bigleft hook and Cikatić fell to the canvas. His coach, Thom Harinck, popped in, which may be a reason to disqualify the Croatian. And here is Peter Aerts, what a great support So what happened? Branko Cikatić decides to have a little chat with the referee right in the middle of the fight, though no one stopped it, and Alexio hit Cikatić with two left hooks and even tried a soccer kick but missed. And we all know the main rule, you suppose to defend yourself all the time. Even though Cikatić is a real dirty fighter himself, when something similar happens to him, he falls and complains. The fight was stopped there, at the end of the third round. Branko also was outraged, probably he wanted a disqualification for Dennis. Branko has some serious problems with health in our days, and I wish him best. At that time, Dannis fought almost every two months, so in the same year, he finally accepted the fight with Stan Longinidis. And if I called a previous fight a mega-fight, this one was much bigger, it was a sold stadium in Melbourne. It is hard to believe, but Alexio took this fight less than a month after his previous one, an old school indeed. These guys hated each other so much, there was a lot of trash talk, both of them had own styles, swag, huge fan bases. However, Stan The Man was from a new breed of fighters, he has never seen anything like that before. In the year before that, when Longinidis fought in the USA, he ran out of the ring to the place where Dennis was sitting with Chuck Norris and challenged him. The Terminator was extremely offended, so he decided to punish this poseur at his hometown so principal he was. In front of you is Dana Goodson who fought Benny Urquidez and coached Stan The Man, and Sam Greco. Bell rings! Alexio falls right after he got a first low kick. It is a severe injury, he’s in pain, the fight is over. The day before the fight, Alexio noticed that there are some cavities in the canvas, and they may lead to injuries, there’s even a video. Later, he said that he broke the leg by stepping in one of those cavities, and doctors supposedly confirm that fact. It’s unbelievable, but he was back less than in a year and finished Dennis Downey. At the beginning of 1994, he fought Mark Russell, a famous British kickboxer. Jean-Yves Thériault commented on the fight, he also has mustaches of the death. Mark Russell falls after the hit he takes on the block. It’s unbelievable, but he gets up after such a tough one-two, although that didn’t save him. A few months later Alexio decided to accept the fight in Canada with Dick Kimber. Later, Kimber starred in Mr. X movie alongside kickboxing legend, Joe Lewis. The action begins even before gong showing us a staredown, and for once, Dennis is taller than the opponent. Alexio activates the destruction mode, he barely moves around the ring, just keep hitting his opponent brutally. He knocks him down with a high kick in the second round, Kimber gets up and even tries to fight back, but a cannon spinning kick throws him to the other side of the ring. It’s over. That is how Dennis came to the ending phase of his career, after this fight, he moved to Hawaii where the rest of his fights took their place up to 1999. What can I say, after such an injury you have to slow down, and in my opinion, Dennis found a great way to do so. Unfortunately, Dennis can’t enjoy his glory nowadays. In 2007 he was arrested for the first time for fraud. In 2013 he was found guilty of tax fraud, theft, and money laundering. Alexio was sentenced to fifteen years. I would especially like to thank Vladimir, for sharing his private materials, by the way, he has own channel with great highlights of old school kickboxers, check the link in the description. Thanks, everyone for watching, special thanks to the old school donators.


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