Бокс: в какую строну закручивать правшу (English subs)

You must change directions. He got used to your pattern. It is more convenient for him to turn this way. It won’t be convenient for him to turn the opposite way. Do you understand? Orthodox fighters feel comfortable turning left. Try it with me. Provoke me with the left jab, go back, throw one-two, I will charge at you. Throw the jab here. Rigid ankle. See, in which direction have you escaped? It is not convenient for me to turn after you. Why did you put your feet so wide apart? One, one-two, one. Look here. I am the orthrodox fighter. Boxing stance. Back and to the right. Back ad to the right, one, one. I feel quite comfortable following you, my rotation is directed this way. Now go back and to the left. Do you understand? It is not convenient to the right-handed boxer to turn this way? Is it clear? Yes, it is quite good to step outside of the opponent’s right hand but the orthodox fighter can easily redirect his punches more the left. Little body swing to the right and make him turn following you. Make him loose the balance. One, one. Go here. We worked the whole seesion in the closed stance. One more time, left jab, left jab, left, jab, go back and to the left. Go. Let’s do it simple, jab, back, back, to the left. Provoke with the jab. One. Go backwards, go backwards. Oh, no. See, what position did you feet take? You pulled yourself out of balance with the first movement. And then you found yourself in this position. You are trying to provoke him, you literally throw the fist. Put your weight on the back foot. One more time. Yes! Here you go. Was it comfortably this time. You feet are in good position. And again. Jump on your back foot. Do not turn. Relax your shoulders. Go. Yes. That’s it. And it is difficult for me to turn to the right following you. Ok? Tucked postion! Bounce in pendulum and keep the tucked position. Stay higher. Keep the hands close to yourself. Now go backwards. Yes. Outmaneuver him. Where are going? Ok. Do you get it now? Endure the attack, especially the third movement. When the opponent charges at you he reaches you with his second step and he outruns you on the third step. If you go to the side with the third step he misses you. And you are ready to attack him from the angle. Do you understand? Psychological stability, not becoming hysterical is the most important in boxing. Ok? Staying calm under fire is the great art. Well done. Use it. Everything is ok.

35 thoughts on “Бокс: в какую строну закручивать правшу (English subs)

  1. Любопытно, но будучи левшой такие эксперименты не для меня. Если только уходить влево и сразу переводить в атаку, но опять же встаешь под его сильную руку.

  2. А в конце дал рекомендации по психологии !!! Великий Тренер !!!

  3. Great great trainer, another great advise. I literaly use everything from each video you post. Iam so grateful. Thanks. Say hello and big thanks to the trainer.


  4. Though, it is easier for the orthodox fighter to hit you if you turn left cause he doesnt change his stance and still have the balance to hit you. If you go right he will struggle cause he has to lean with his whole body and this will keep him off balance.

  5. Thank you for your work and traing the next generation of fighters. The world needs more brave men to stand against evil. These videos have helped me tremendously with striking and footwork.

  6. Красавчик тренер теперь я знаю как нужно с правшой работать

  7. Круто! Не совсем понял только, почему правше неудобно, когда заходят под сильнейшую руку

  8. Да это гон! Пусть мне под правую уйдёт), только спасибо скажу боковым крюком…
    Все хорошие тренера наоборот говорят закручивать под левую руку. Под правую руку тяжело догонять))), сильное утрверждение… Только вот как то фантастическо звучит))….
    Под правую догонять не надо, и разворачиваться тоже не надо, ее просто кинуть нужно как только заходит в право… А вот когда соперник влево заходит, тогда проблема достать его, особенно правой ударной рукой, как минимум надо разворачивать корпусом…

    Закрутить в право, пряяяяямо под ударную руку)))
    Сильный тренер))

    Только заметил, что подписан под этот канал)
    Отписка, срочно)!

  9. Тренер как ходячая энциклопедия. Все про все знает. Не каждый может преподавать

  10. Тайсон, холифилд, пакияо, льюис, джонс и майвейзер, дизы влепили! ну они же профи, им видней как правильно от правши уходить!

  11. Ленокс льюис отлетел от рахман с правого прямого он двигался как раз в лево под правую руку этот совет не работает у канатов

  12. Одинаково удобно бить, что вправо левой рукой что влево правой!

  13. Вот что значит тренер не только показал но и поеснил позже!!!

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